The Children in the Pictures

2 min readMar 3, 2023

A confronting documentary looking at the work of Task Force Argos, an Australian police unit dedicated to tracing online child sex predators, and their victims: the children in the pictures.

Image courtesy SBS Australia

If you can handle the subject matter, then I can recommend the documentary (and associated podcast), The Children in the Pictures, which covers the work of Task Force Argos, a unit of the Queensland Police Service, who work to stop online child abuse and exploitation on a global scale.

It’s not, as you may imagine, an easy watch. But the courage and dedication shown by these officers in confronting the worst thing one human being can do to another is truly admirable. Whatever your personal feelings about the police, or experiences with them, put them to one side when you consider that Task Force Argos and their colleagues around the world have rescued thousands of very young children from abuse and prevented the exploitation of untold thousands more. Again, the documentary is brilliant but do proceed with caution: it’s the most tragic and appalling subject under the sun.

Watch the trailer here or below. Caution: disturbing content from the outset.

Nick Jordan